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Do you feel called to Journey deeper?

Honour the Miracle You are, Find Beauty in your Journey.

I believe that everyone has a gift and is meant serve humanity.  I believe that we are all created with a purpose that is aligned with our joys, dreams, and natural talents. I believe that, if we say YES to our calling and contribute our gifts, we will be supported on a universal level to achieve greatness, however that may look.

My journey has been a meandering hike of self discovery and healing.  The beautiful thing I've noticed is that - I was here, in my full essence  all along. 

If you're feeling like you've got to be better, richer, skinnier, stronger, healthier - the place to begin is the deep knowing that you already are.

The majestic YOU is already here.  Just as an acorn knows exactly what to do to grow into the oak tree - so your soul knows your path.  My hope is that my offerings can help you find peace, community and healing along the way.

Xo Danielle



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I have had the privilege of working with Danielle in several ways, to both define and grow my vision for myself, my business and my life. Her holistic, spiritual approach speaks to the heart of women who are looking to create a sustainable, fulfilling business for themselves. Danielle’s experience in entrepreneurship as well as her background in coaching leads her to be a vibrant, grounded and motivating guide for any woman looking to expand their understanding of themselves and their business. If you have the chance to work with Danielle, in any capacity, take it! You will without a doubt grow in your mindset and in your tools to move your business forward.
— Julia Witte
Danielle has helped support me with tools, guidance and sound boarding in a way that’s guided me into my own leadership and independence. Through Coaching with Danielle, I’ve increased my monthly income, developed the skill of authentic connection with others, and have taken some of the scary steps towards creating my true vision. Danielle is a lighthouse that will shine light in the areas of your business that feel dark, clouded, or scary, and that will bolster the light that you already feel, making it powerful enough to make waves in your business and your life.
— Erin Bjornson


About Me

MY NAME IS Danielle

I'm a mom of 4 beautiful children, and a furbaby.  I'm married to my twin flame.  Life is crazy, life is beautiful.  

I have 20 years experience as an accredited Coach.  I hold a BA in Psychology. and Linguistics.  I've always had a deep desire to serve by helping others heal and find their inner light.

Over the past few years I've worked closely with a spiritual mentor, who taught me meditation and the beauty of energy healing.  I've now taken my own path in the field of energy work and have been implementing spiritual and energetic principals into my business.  I have taken formal mixed modality energy healing courses and am continuing to learn and expand.

I am currently working towards my C.MI - Certification in Meditation Instructor - through the University of Holistic Theology.

My hope is to create an impact on the world by helping women find their voice, confidence,  and to boldly embrace their vision and full being.

I do this through facilitating authentic groups for connection, offering meditation for personal development, and through Coaching and Intuitive energy work.

I hope that you find solace and inspiration here.  I hope you feel at home here.  I hope you feel challenged, touched, and called to move forward here. 

This is my heart space, welcome.


Danielle Hahn




Love, Solidarity, Action